Rako RDL250C

Rako RDL250C

250 Watt In Ceiling Light Dimmer Feature

Rako Wireless Lighting RDL250C – 250 Watt In Ceiling Light Dimmer Feature

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Product Description

The RDL250L in-line RF dimmer for Tungsten, Low Voltage Halogen and other leading edge dimmable loads.

A compact 250w RF dimmer designed to control table and free standing lamps, without the need for separate 5 amp lighting circuits. The dimmer is connected in-line between the mains plug and the light fitting, to enable dimming of up to 250w of leading edge dimmable loads. Controlled from any Rako RAKOM RF device, for example the RCP07W or RCM070 push button RF wallplates.


Designed to fit in-line with the mains flex of a free standing lamp (RDL250L) or to fit in a ceiling void or cupboard (RDL250C), the inductive dimmer can control up to 250 watts of mains dimmable lighting loads. Unlike the RDL250C, the L version has a discrete internal aerial and black translucent casing. The robust microprocessor design combines smooth reliable dimming with dynamic safety features such as auto-resetting over current, temperature shutdown and voltage surge protection. Programmed using either an RCP07 or RCM070 RF wallplate or the RASOFT PC software suite, the unit stores the house, room and channel address plus four preset scene levels in non volatile memory. The RDL250L dimmer can be controlled from any Rako transmitter such as RCP/RCM wallplates, RAH hand helds, MB1 timeclocks and is the ideal accessory to any Rako scene-set system.